Top 5 Trends In Infographic Design To Watch In 2024

Are you looking to keep your visuals fresh?  

Interesting visuals can make your audience stop and pay attention to yours. Therefore it is worth taking note of the latest trends in infographic designs to keep visual elements on point.

Here are the top 5 trends in infographic design put on together and may help inspire your approach.

  • Muted colour palettes

Most people love something that appears friendly, yet professional. A muted colour palette is one of the most effective ways that capture that feeling. This is why many brands these days move towards choosing the muted colour palettes. The colours that have a lower saturation and appear more on the neutral side of things come in the muted colour palettes. All these colours give its users a feeling of being safe, relaxed and secure. This also gives off the feeling of being organic and natural.

  • Simple data visualizations

Data visualizations are not something new. They last over the years and many companies use these infographics not only on their websites but also on social media.

Most companies opt for this because data visualizations can be very effective in communicating complex data. Also, this is what most users are looking for when they are browsing the internet today.

Data visualization that is well designed is more powerful and is the key to grab user’s attention.

  • Geometric shapes

A ton of brands have newly started to use geometric shapes in their designs. Most designers were using flowing and abstract shapes in their designs but now it’s completely changed and they started using pretty rigid, hard-edged geometric shapes.

Geometric shapes are not that easy to create and use. This shift makes a lot more sense than other designs. The geometric shapes to your visuals can add order, consistency and structure. The graphic design also creates new designs that blend geometric shapes with  muted colour palettes. When these are combined they create a lot of good contrast.

If you need to add some texture and depth to your graphics you can simply use geometric shapes.

  • Flat icons and illustrations

As said later, graphic design trends are cyclical. They go from trendy to overplay and then back to being trendy. The flat icons are ideal and they can be adapted for a lot of different graphics like social media visuals for presentations. The flat icons can be consumed very quickly and they are a powerful tool for visual communication. Few icons can tell a simple story and this will give more context to your social media post, blog post or video.

  • Serif fonts

This font has dominated the web for years. Major companies have used this font as the core of their branding and are still using it. Serif fonts are clear and approachable.

Now companies are finding interesting ways to work with the serif fonts as it makes them look more approachable. 

It’s time to choose your trends!

These are the top 5 trends in infographic design to consider in 2021. If you are confused in choosing your trends, you can get help from a reputed digital content marketing agency. They will experiment with new ideas and approaches and help in keeping your brand fresh and relevant.

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