Top 5 Ecommerce Platform For Startups In 2021

These days, you can find everything that you need through the online medium. The E-commerce platform will make it easy to order items and even food at the convenience of being at home. So, there are several platforms to have eCommerce sites in 2021. Continue reading to make a note on the platforms for eCommerce web development.

  • Shopify 

There are many excellent e-commerce platforms out there, but Shopify will offer the most value for any small business. It will work well during all the stages of business growth. Shopify is a one-stop-shop for setting the eCommerce store. You can choose the custom domain, design a logo and find the products through the right vendor relationship.  

  • Wix 

Most people find Wix as a free website builder for developing a mobile responsive website. This platform’s features will be phone support, ticket support, priority service, a review of the site’s interface, and SEO. It will allow selling physical and digital products, but it will offer the features that will appeal to a wide array of business. 

  • Magento 

Magento is one of the other best platforms to establish retailers ready to take online shopping. A glance at the company’s website will show you the features and advantages of the Magento site. It is free to download and have a relationship with several partners who can work for you to create an online store that will work seamlessly. It is selective about the developer that they will add the tools like the open platform. 

  • WooCommerce 

It is an eCommerce solution built on WordPress for responsive websites. As it integrates with the popular content management system, it is easy to work with your eCommerce business into the content. The eCommerce site has the plugins as it is the open-source platform with nearly 300 official extensions in the store covering payments, accounting, shipping, and marketing. As the platform is based on WordPress, the extension will be as simple as clicking the box. 

  • Squarespace 

Squarespace offers eCommerce store building and hosting. The customers have to drag and drop the functionality and pre-built website template to create the web pages. It is more appropriate for entrepreneurs and small business owners with basic needs over the website and content marketing strategies. It is suitable for verticals like arts and design, food and beverage, toys and games, fashion and apparel.

The bottom line 

Selecting the best eCommerce platform for the online store comes with lots of necessary factors. The platform will also play a crucial role in the success of the platform. So, this is the list of top platforms you can consider for eCommerce development

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