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If you are using social media actively, you might have seen some of your influencers and celebrities post about their clubhouse on their Instagram Stories. But you might be confused about what this clubhouse is and why are your influencers there and what does it matter. If you are a regular folk and you just want to learn about club houses then this blog is for you. There is no doubt that social media is evolving day by day with its new features, in order to have potential customers for their business. Social media management services are a boon to e-commerce, where you will have a good conversion rate.

What is a Clubhouse?
Clubhouse is a regular  voice-chatting app, in which individuals can host and join different conversations. When you open the app you will have a list of meet rooms, you can join in one of those and organize the meeting. It is really a good app for those social media management company, in order to advertise their product in a more simple way through voice. When a person logs into the app he can see different rooms of interest. You can join any of them according to your interest. In each room there are no pictures, videos or anything else, it is only a space for audio.

Who are the users is in the Clubhouse?
Mostly the celebrities use this platform to speak with their audience, anything for a social cause or to do some brand promotions to their followers.

As of now, if you are invited to the app by someone who is already a member, you can join. If you have a coveted invitation, then you can extend your invitation to four of your friends. Some apps even have some restrictions. You might even have a question who are influencers, they are the people who have more followers and those followers believe in the products or actions those influencers do. Most of them will do many social causes that will result in publicity. When it comes to club houses it is also one kind of audience-driven advertising platform where you can reach more people through your voice.

Why should I care?
Clubhouse has some real promise and the informal nature of the platform means there is really something for everyone. The Conversations in the app ranges from debating to sharing some knowledge, commentary etc.

If your friends are inviting you to these app don’t pull out your eyes, join in the space/topic you like. Using a clubhouse is a new trend in social media, where you can have things of your own interest rather than having everything on your feed. Your interest can be chosen by yourself; with the help of a club house you can be very particular about your needs.

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