How To Add YouTube Audio Ads?

YouTube audio advertising is a brand awareness refreshing new ad kind designed to meet audio content objectives on your video platform. YouTube has introduced its audio advertisements version, which is part of its music and podcast strategy. The YouTube advertising provides an additional way for advertisers to capture their user’s attention. Particularly those who utilise the platform as their auditory compared with video media to play podcasts, concerts, and lectures.

How Do Audio Ads Work on YouTube?

Although the audio ad type is mainly a voiceover, an image or animation component still appears on a screen when it is played. As key advantages of YouTube audio advertisements, Google boasts comparatively low prices for creativity, easier purchase and campaign setup, streamlined targeting and measurements and increased reach to new stocks at low prices.

Where are you going to show YouTube audio ads?

Only music or podcast content can be seen in audio YouTube advertisements. In contrast, social media marketing video advertising can be put on several categories, playlists and channels, Audio and podcast lines,

Who are Audio Ads entitled to YouTube?

This new audio format was restricted in a test phase to particular brands. 

  • Medicine & Healthcare
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Gambling
  • Other vertical sensitivities

How to launch your first audio ad campaign for YouTube?

You should open your Google Ads account to get started. From there, click on the Plus icon to browse to Video Campuses.

  • Choose New Campaign
  • Go to Brand consciousness
  • Select the Video
  • Choose the type of campaign
  • Select the audio (campaign subtype)
  • Click on the Continue button. You are now ready to enter your quotation and your budget.

Specifications for audio ads

Your audio publicity must also be published to YouTube, similar to the YouTube Video Ad format.

Some additional criteria and audio ad standards include:

Ad length should be a maximum of 15 seconds. The size of the file should be a maximum of 128GB. The Ratio of look becomes16:9.

Why Does YouTube Start Audio Ads?

For YouTube, Music Streaming is at a time high, over 50% of the viewers who have signed in to enjoy more than ten minutes of music material on youtube every day. 

The YouTube ads offers announcers a new way to reach YouTube customers while still receiving the same analysis and strategy support as conventional YouTube video advertisements for targeting possibilities and bidding methods.

What are the benefits of audio announcements?

YouTube is renowned as an online video sharing platform for billions of logged-in monthly users. But many people are using the website also to share and hear audio content, such as music, podcast, lectures, songs. Audio ads also allow marketers to reduce their costs by reducing the cost of creating the video. Audio ads are made an affordable YouTube advertising choice by the less expensive static image or simple audio animation.

The Bottom line

The new YouTube audio ads will reach users listening to the audio. You can advertising on YouTube an opportunity to reach users who adopt new habits and preferences during the pandemic, like using YouTube ambiently.

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