Content Marketing vs PR - A Comparison Guide

Almost none of the marketers and SEOs doesn’t know the answer to this question, what is the difference between content marketing and PR. And most times without knowing the difference the webpages have failed to rank in the SERPs with low-quality content and spammy links, making real content marketing much more important. Sometimes the value of the link as we know it is slowly being decreased with respect to social currency and co-citation, which made the PR a necessity.

Let us see how a Content Marketing Strategy and PR strategy different.

1. Direct v/s indirect customer approach

Both content marketing and PR deals with content distribution. With content marketing, you are expected to build loyalty with the users. You are to give quality information to your customers with content marketing.

When it comes to public relations, it’s all about making an indirect relation with your audience. You need to get the right journalist to write stories about your venture effectively.

2. Owned v/s earned media

In content marketing, you are the media owner and you release the content required for your audience in a convincing manner with the brands own media platforms. These platforms include the brand’s website, newsletter, YouTube channel, podcast, custom magazine. This creates a long term relationship with the audience.

For PR it is all about earning credibility through stories written through newspapers or large news sites. It’s basically a third party endorsement and therefore it’s not always easy to control what spreads through.

3. Broad v/s niche message

You do PR to make the information reach directly to a mass media. People would come to you only if they are convinced by the value and quality of the news. The agenda is not up to you alone.

But in case of content marketing you are focusing directly on your clients. You should create copy targeting a small group of people who are already your clients or your potential clients.

4. Timing of Message

As already mentioned, content marketing is for creating a long term relation with the audience. Therefore reglar publishing matters. But in the case of PR, careful timing is very important.

5. Measuring Success

Earned media clippings and impressions determine the success of a PR campaign. But for content marketing clicks through to other web pages, how engaged people are with the content, and conversion metrics measures.

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