WhatsApp New Update Will Allow Users To View Status From Chat List

WhatsApp is a free, Social Media messaging app that lets you send text messages, make video and voice calls and more. WhatsApp is currently rolling out a new update that will allow users to check Status updates from their chat list. This update was made at the same time as the messaging app announced a spree of privacy features. Only users of WhatsApp beta running Android are currently able to access the feature. This indicates that it will take time for the feature to reach everyone and that it is still in testing.

Now, the chat list will display any new status updates that a contact uploads. In order to view the status update, users simply need to tap their profile image. Users can mute all status updates if they do not post or watch them and do not like this function, in which case they will no longer appear in the chat list.

According to the WhatsApp update monitoring website WA Beta Info, Status is a feature similar to a story where users can upload images and videos that vanish after 24 hours. Users must currently visit the Status tab in order to observe the Status of other users. This will change now.

What it looks like: Here the Green round border indicates the status updates in chat list

The “status reactions” function was recently added to the instant messaging software. Users can now utilise eight emojis to respond to a message status thanks to this feature. The feature is similar to the one available on Instagram. The meta-owned site, which has around 2 billion active users each month, keeps improving and speeding up. To improve its overall privacy and security, the software is constantly adding new features. Stay with us for new updates.

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