What’s Changing in the Upcoming Page Authority 2.0 and Why?

The Training and the Retraining set

SERP was the only strategy that helped to calculate the Page authority at first. With this direct and simple model in place, we wanted to bring changes to the training set first. So the decision was to train based on the cumulative value of a page based on a number of metrics including search traffic and CPC. This led to a better comparison of pages that don’t appear in the SERPs together. Let them also understand that better insight quality is not being compromised with this new update.

Page Authority not only gives you good insight it also gives you better controls. In order to remain at the top of the game, you must also know the PA of your competitor brand. This can be high enough to allow you to rank for every keyword you like, or it could be terribly low because your competitors are Wikipedia and Quora. When you are analyzing the Page Authority of any URL the first thing you should be doing is setting it in the proper context of its competitor’s URLs.

The prior aim behind this update in PA is to continue to improve upon the model as we develop new and better innovations and models even after improvising SEO. This has chances to volatility affect pages with unnatural link profiles, what is important is to stay up-to-date with Google’s algorithms even though it’s complicated.

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