Various Things a Google Analytics Report Can Tell You About the Product Performance

A product performance report in Google Analytics is the measure of shopping behaviour and performance of a product over time. The report helps the business know how much revenue is generated for each product and their top-selling products and their poorer selling products. Google Analytics Reports will give you a clear insight into your product’s performance. With this information, you can create your marketing campaign and perform well. Also, the report helps you to opt for the right google search engine optimization to improve the visibility of your product. A proper assessment enhances the company’s services and quality. Here let us discuss how the Google Analytics Report analyses the product performance. 

Tracking Product Performance 

Google Analytics’s important function is to track product performance and provide a detailed report of the product. It analyses the quality of the products. It means the customers are keeping the product or returning it for any issues. These are measures using the product’s performance. With a clear understanding of the algorithm and metrics, the analytics tool improves the company’s conversation rate and optimizes expenditure. 

Measuring product performance

Sales performance includes the product performance metrics like revenue, refunds and order quantity. These metrics help to strongly analyse the product’s performance and why people are returning and asking for refunds. Proper analytics provides a detailed report about the product. Hiring an internet marketing agency will help you to measure product performance efficiently. The metrics are as follows:

Product list views

It specifies the number of times the product has been viewed by the visitors in a particular online store. 

Detail views

This displays the information that the number of times visitors clicked the product to know about it. It tells the intentions of the visitor to buy this product. 

The product addition

It helps you know the products added to the visitors’ shopping cart.

Remove view

These metrics inform the product added and removed by the visitor in the shopping cart. It is an important performance metric that the product does not convert a visitor into a buyer. This directs the sellers to improve their products. 

Unique purchase views list

The following are the Unique Purchase Views List.

Cart to Detail Rate

It shows the customers considerable interest in buying the product. The added product detailed views will create some influence on the customers buying decision. 

Buy to Detail Rate

These metrics help to know how many customers have bought the product after viewing the product description. 

Tracking Product Return

Every business should focus on product return policy. The return could be of various reasons, and it may be due to damaged product, incorrect size, different size and colour etc. 

Hope you have understood how Google Analytics helps to analyze the performance metrics. For a proper analysis of your product, it is best to opt for reliable search engine optimization services. With the proper analytics, determine the buyer’s behaviour and optimize your products overall performance rate.

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