Delivering good quality content before the deadline is a hard nut to crack in itself. Now add paraphrasing on top of that. An atomic explosion of your head is what will happen most of the time. Good content is crucial to carrying out functions like Google search engine optimization, SEO services, and SEM in digital marketing. But sometimes it’s not enough to satisfy the clients’ taste. If paraphrasing is your problem, then we’ve got the solution…..more than one actually. Here are the top 5 paraphrasing tools that can ease your job as a content writer. 


QuillBot is a paraphrasing tool dominating one of the top positions of its AI-based functioning and 7 mode options to choose from making it one of the most sought choices among the many paraphrasing tools. The freemium modes like ‘Standard’ and ‘Fluency’ allow you to rephrase 125 words. If you want to rephrase more words, you can use the advanced paraphrasing modes available on purchasing the premium plan. 


Even though it sounds similar there are major differences between a SpinBot and a QuillBot. For one, the paraphrasing mechanism of SpinBot does not contain the different modes you can make use of in the latter. It mainly focuses on shortening, enhancing, or expanding content. SpinBot is the next best thing, a powerful tool that helps you to paraphrase up to 10,000 words. This freemium Bot also helps in identifying whether the content is human-friendly or not. 

Rephrase(Paraphrasing Tool) 

Rephrase (Paraphrasing Tool) is another one of the freemium tools you can find in this list. In this AI based paraphraser you can work with up to 500 words for free. It makes up for the short word limit with its multilingual paraphrasing options. It facilitates paraphrasing in three different modes. They are fluency standard and creative. The readers can select their preferred modes according to their results they are expecting from Rephrase. 

It is the best free online tool for paraphrasing your content. It’s very easy to use especially for beginners. It produces clear cut results by making use of its unique algorithm. The algorithm recognizes the phrases and words which needs to be replaced And switches them with appropriate synonyms. Even though it’s a free tool the quality of the results are not compromised. Moreover there is not a limiting word limit if you’re paraphrasing using this tool. 

 SEOMagnifier’s Paraphrasing Tool

This is also a free tool but popular nonetheless. It’s AI-based rephrasing might not be as strong as the previously mentioned options but it’s one of the fastest tools which is completely free. It also supports paraphrasing in multiple languages such as Dutch, French, Spanish, etc. Once you’ve paraphrased your content you can download it as a text document For further use. Using this tool you can improve the quality of your content with the help of its vast library of synonyms.

Wrap UP

 Making use of these tools to lower your burden as a content writer is a very efficient way of excelling in your career. The best SEO company would require you to polish up your content to be fit for the success of their local SEO services. Localizing your content does not have to take more time than it needs if you’re making use of tools like the five mentioned above. And that’s why it’s important to work smart than to work hard

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