Tips To Redesign Website Without Affecting The SEO Ranking

One of the standard and biggest misconceptions among website owners is that SEO should be done only. Unfortunately, this is not the actual scenario. Numerous fractions are altered during the redesigning that includes the pages and codes. If you are not adequately handling the website, it can even negatively impact the SEO of the website. If you are doing it correctly, your custom web design will be top at the SEO ranking as the website’s structure and design are among the factors to rank in the Google pages. 

Check the pages 

The first step in the process is to download the URL structure of the website. The redesign means lots of changes that will also affect the URL restructuring of the website. It is crucial to back it up; otherwise, you have to run at the risk that will impact the SEO ranking. You can use the plug-in to get the new URL structure.  

Do it on a temporary URL 

Do not try to redesign the website on your own URL. It can lead to some issues and difficulties for the visitors, and you may also have problems running. The best approach is to copy the site and set it up into the temporary URL to make the necessary changes. An alternative would be to switch to the domain once all the required redesign the changes as per the necessity. If there is a potential for you to struggle with this option, you can look for a professional to work with Website search engine optimization. 

Testing the website 

It is good to copy the existing website into the new one. However, before you start with the redesign project, it is good to do an end-to-end checkup for the websites in various terms. In such a checkup, you should look at the multiple aspects of the websites like the features, CSS, broken links or any other technical elements.  

Jump to the new website 

Once things are finalized, you can design and redirect to your new website. You will be able to make incremental changes in the stage if your website is extensive. Remember that it is not advisable to move to the original website unless your website is completely ready with the responsive web design. 

Additional process 

When you are done with the following process, you have to proceed with several other additional functions for the top-ranking Web design WordPress. 

  • Check the verification status and re-submit 
  • Robot.txt 
  • Sitemap submission 
  • Monitoring the changes 

The bottom line 

Never be afraid of the website designing process. Following these steps appropriately will help you to have a high performing website. Remember that introducing a modern design that is faster, mobile-friendly and easy to use without too much clutter will work for ranking the website at the top pages. 

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