Things To Include In The Monthly Digital Marketing Reports

A monthly marketing report is a crucial element as it is the measuring tool denoting the marketing campaign’s success rate. When it is typically a very tedious monthly task, it does not necessarily need to be hectic and challenges filled. You can use this report every month to brag about the work you do by creating the report template that will showcase the success and any strategies. Here are the lists of things you have to include in the monthly report for the Google search engine optimization or any other marketing campaign.

Summary page

A summary page should be the first part of the monthly marketing report, and it should include the project overview and things that will highlight the metrics that are crucial for the marketing campaign. The summary should be crispy and easy to read, and concise. Use the data visualization tools to present it still easy to read and understand. Everything after the summer should be more detailed information about what you are going to deliver.

Current marketing strategy

Those who are reading the monthly marketing report may not be well versed in the marketing strategy, and this is the section that will explain the current marketing strategy to be incredibly helpful. This section will have to answer a few questions like,

            1.Who is the targeted audience for the Search engine optimization services?
            2.What are the primary channels?
            3.What is the current scope of the project?
           4.What are the opportunities for growth, and what is the current status?
You should ensure that the project is straightforward and transparent and reinforce confidence with this section’s monthly marketing report. If the part of the marketing offer is SEO, this area of the report is where you should offer the brief overview of the SEO efforts for success.

Things you did

This section will cover the historical context of how brilliant the Internet marketing agency has been working with the strategy. Show them the comparison of the development of the plan with the current and the previous month. Offer a short overview of what you are accomplished during the month concerning the client’s overall marketing strategy. You can also highlight the completed task on the month like

  • Complete site audit
  • Reviewed strategy and audit
  • Gained number of new backlinks
  • Published daily content on social media platforms
  • All these will intimate the clients to know about your services.

Traffic metrics

When it comes to gaining web traffic, it is one crucial factor. Are your visitors from the organic search, referrals, paid search, emails? These metrics will help to highlight the monthly efforts. It should also include top landing pages, sessions, top referrals, pages, email campaign performance, etc.


So, have you now got an idea of how the things to include in the monthly report? Follow it to notify your effects and the results of the money they paid for the marketing campaign.

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