The Best Ways to Create Advertiser-Friendly YouTube Content

YouTube advertisers want their ads to show up in videos that make them feel safe. They do not want their youtube advertising to be associated with daring videos that promote hatred, violence, drugs and so on.

YouTube is a video-sharing platform where you can make money by creating content that respects their rules and restrictions. YouTube’s rules have changed over the years, mostly by tightening them.

Creating content that appeals to advertisers to your videos is vital if you want to make money on YouTube from sponsors and ads. In this regard, YouTube has much to say. They are the ones who define how youtube ads content looks. Advertising-friendly content attracts a broad cross-section of audiences. Video titles, video streams, thumbnails, and metadata do not contain inappropriate or mature content. When the video contains inappropriate content, it is typically in an interesting or comic context. Creators intend to inform or entertain, not shock, or offend. Until you understand how these platforms work, you won’t be able to make money from your content.

Upon approval of your channel, you can share revenue from advertisements that appear on your video. Advertisers want content that is worth their time and money, so you must show its worth and suitability first. Let’s examine these advertiser-friendly content guidelines to ensure you don’t waste any revenue.

  • Content that can be labelled as ‘dangerous’
  • According to YouTube’s policies, they do not monetize dangerous content, but what does that mean?

    It is possible to have dangerous and valuable content at the same time. For example, welding tutorials require the use of hazardous equipment, but they are valuable resources from which people can learn.

    It is acceptable to have hazardous content if it does not cause harm or distress. If there is no danger of injury to anyone in the video, creators can display advertisements on their videos. Wear all the protective gear when making a video that includes the use of dangerous equipment.

  • Content that raises ‘controversy’
  • While covering a controversial topic, how can video creators keep their videos ad-friendly?

    Content related to controversial issues cannot be monetized. However, one exception stands out. Advocating against dangerous acts is typically considered advertiser-friendly content.

    Remember, there is no way to monetize first-hand accounts of controversial issues on YouTube. Advertisers are more likely to be interested in a video reporting on a protest than a video taken while participating. Personal experiences are likely to attract fewer ads. In a third-person report, you will earn full monetization.

  • The content relating to ‘firearms’
  • YouTube has fairly strict rules for firearms-related content. It is against the law to monetize anything related to firearms, whether purchased, sold, or used.

    Someone asked if this policy applied to videos about designing and manufacturing 3D printed gun parts. When the firearms are held or in a holster, they can still be shown in videos while serving ads. Ads can include footage of firearms if there is no violence.

  • Self-certification questionnaire
  • By using YouTube’s self-certification questionnaire, creators can serve ads alongside downloads in a simplified manner. YouTube requires creators to review the ads-friendly guidelines and certify their videos to meet every guideline.

    Creators can now run ads directly after uploading their videos, rather than having to wait until the ads are activated after they have been uploaded.

    Incorrectly completed questionnaires will affect the accuracy score of a creator, however, as YouTube is still reviewing videos. YouTube’s automated system will refer to the creator’s accuracy score when it disagrees with his or her questionnaire decision.

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