Steps To Create Story Update On YouTube

YouTube has made its YouTube stories feature available to more creators, allowing them to share photos and videos with subscribers and non-subscribers. It will be accessible on the YouTube mobile app for seven days. This YouTube advertising functionality is currently only available to creators who have more than 10,000 subscribers. If you meet the criteria, the following things will help you make and share a stories post on your YouTube channel.

1. What are YouTube stories and how do they work?

  • YouTube stories, which debuted in early 2018 as YouTube Reels, is comparable to the stories formats of other social media platforms.
  • More creators and channel owners may now utilize stories to communicate with their subscribers and followers on a more casual basis by sending brief video material and photos throughout the day.
  • After reaching the 10,000-subscriber barrier, YouTube has said that the stories feature may take up to 4 weeks to roll out to certain producers.
  • Fans and viewers may leave comments on your story, and you, as the author, can react immediately with a photo or video that the entire community can see. Fans can also provide a thumbs up or down, or a heart, to other fans’ remarks.
  • Comment moderation works the same way on stories as it does on normal YouTube advertising videos. Your tales have access to the same tools as your normal video submissions.
  • What is the average duration of a YouTube story? The distinction between today’s YouTube stories and other story forms is their lifespan. YouTube stories are available for seven days rather than the standard 24-hour period.
  • Similarly, story comments will expire along with the story after seven days. On the other hand, story creators get access to comments on their stories for 30 days on YouTube Studio.

2. How fans view YouTube stories?

YouTube stories are only available on the YouTube app for mobile devices. You can view YouTube tales from the channels and watch pages you subscribe to in two ways: in your subscriptions feed or in the stories tab of a channel.

3. Create a YouTube story using an image or video

To add a photo to your narrative, tap the capture button as if you were taking a regular shot. Hold the capture button down to record a video for your narrative, then release it when you are through. The duration of a story video might be up to 15 seconds.

Most people believe that stories may be more useful to someone with a low-frequency channel. It takes 15 seconds to create a tale. It’s supposed to be less scripted and more behind-the-scenes and real. It doesn’t have to be of the same production level as a normal YouTube ads video.

You can easily connect and interact with your audience with the help of YouTube stories. You should gain some knowledge about YouTube and add more updated stories to impress your targeted audience. 

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