Step-by-step Procedure: Learn How To Conduct A Pinterest Ad Campaign

Well, you have decided to run an ad on Pinterest! It is a great move. All the searches on Pinterest are unbranded. Because of this people actively use Pinterest and its growth doesn’t appear to be slowing down in any time soon. It is one of the best things to advertise its purchasing power and also it is an excellent source of traffic. It fulfils all the objectives of social media marketing. Moreover, it has created a platform where customers are not just sharing, but are also shopping. Stay on this page and get to know your way to create your first Pinterest promoted pin. Let’s get started. Step by step procedure: creating Pinterest Ad There are few things that you have to take care of before you are starting with the process of creating your first ad. You will have to create your Pinterest business account first and create boards and begin pinning. Make sure you follow other Pinterest users. Once you have completed these processes, you are on the way to create your first Pinterest promoted pin. Some of the next steps you have to follow are listed below.
  • Access the Pinterest advertising page
This can be done by clicking on the plus sign at the top right corner of the Pinterest page. Click on the “Create Ad” option.
  • Choose the goal of your campaign
On the interest page, you can choose different goals that you would like to reach with your ad. 
  • Create a new traffic campaign
When you have chosen your campaign goal, you will have to choose a campaign. If you have already run an ad on interest before, you can use the name of that past campaign. If this is your first ad, you can simply click on “create new traffic campaign”.
  • Choose a name for your campaign
 It is good to choose a name for your campaign. Doing this will allow you to add more promoted pins to the same campaign later. 
  • Choose an end date for your campaign
Pinterest doesn’t require an end date. If it is your first time then, you can choose no longer than one week. With this, you won’t be continuously charged. You can get back into the campaign and revise the dates later if you want.
  • Choose a daily budget 
With this, you can decide the maximum amount of money you would like to spend on your ad each day. Once your ad has reached the maximum, you will not be charged.
  • Pick a pin you wish to use for your ad
The pin must already be created and pinned on one of your boards. This must be done before you reach this step.
  • Give your pin a name and destination
It is not necessary to name your pin. But doing this may help you remember about the content of the pin in future. Choosing the destination is very important.
  • Choose a key search term to attach to your ad
 In the “terms” actions you can determine key search for your ad. Pinterest will suggest actual key terms for you to use.
  • location, languages, devices, and genders 
This is a very important step. So, make sure you choose the languages, location and gender.
  • Choose your maximum CPC BID
Now it’s time to choose your maximum CPC BID. You have already chosen your budget. So remember your number of clicks per day will be determined by your maximum CPC Bid.
  • Click on promote to begin processing your PIN
Once you have clicked the “promote button” you will be taken to your new campaign analytics page. Therefore these are a few steps with which you can create your first promoted pin. Be sure you monitor your promoted pins carefully and regularly. You can even get social media management services from a leading digital marketing agency. They will help you in creating Pinterest ad campaigns.

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