Relevance of Google My Business for Local Business

Google My Business offers you the ability to list all the business location on Google Maps and any other local search results. You may display significant information about the business that includes the opening or closing times, contact details, or the website’s link for better ranking. More recently, Google: the leading search engine has also released a new feature allowing you to post the link to the articles or any other upcoming events. Are you still wondering how Google My Business will help the Local Business? Continue reading to know more. 

Online exposure 

Several kinds of research from Google My Business insights says that a local business receives 1,260 views each month – 943 on search and 317 on Google maps. It clearly proves that lots of people are viewing the business details through this means. Google has updated the way of showing the GMB listing, now mainly focusing on the locations. So, if you want to reach the most potential audience in the local space, opting for Google search engine optimization and having space in the GMB is one of the greatest advantages. 

Accelerating the calls 

As per the survey, 16% of the businesses receives more than 100 calls every month from the GMB listing. It shows that 64% of the customers use the Google My Business listing to find the local business they are looking for through the phone number or address. Apart from the contact details. You can also use the listing to post the events, products as an additional advantage. Even your customers can post their image to your profile, enriching the website. Due to this, several Internet marketing agency are also opting for it. 

Enhanced traffic and sales 

Another challenge that every local business would face is maintaining the increase in quality of website traffic and keeping the steady supply of foot traffic through their doors. There is no option to completely avoid the ups and downs throughout the year for the business. So, having Google My Business will greatly help boost the traffic and sales through the board. When you have the listing, it shows the local searches, and Google has found that the businesses are as much as 70% more likely to attract the local visitors from browsing potentials. 

Top ranking 

the more Google likes the business, the more it will take your website to the top position. with this, your website will become quality, accurate information and consistent. The more Google can tell the consumers about the business, and the website tends to acquire the top position. So, several Search engine optimization services recommend GMB. 

Final thoughts 

Have you now got an idea of how Google My Business will help the local business? Get to know more about it and apt for the services now. 

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