Reels the Real Social Media Story

One of the best social media that can boost your effort is Instagram. There are countless brands who jump into this particular media and get a wide range of success. When you add your videos on the reels part of Instagram, your videos will get a chance to be viewed by millions of people. Your video is available 24hours in the reels section which gives you an opportunity to view much more times by the audience. Instagram ads are the best option to get more clients, not your business. As these reels stay for 1 day you will get a chance for many to view your ads and they can convert as your potential customers.

Why is it necessary for your business to join the Reels club?

Short videos don’t consume more time, so in less than half a minute it is better for a business to convey their message to their target audience. As a business you can use many software’s to edit the video and post the highlights alone in your Instagram. There is no copyright issue; you can customize your videos according to your wish.  If you are not aware of all these techniques and tactics, an Instagram agency will help you to create short videos of your products at a very affordable price in the market. These reels will emphasize more on your product and deliver the brand message of your product to the customer in no time. Many businesses in the market have identified a huge impact on their business growth using reel nowadays.

Create your first Instagram Reel

Adding stories on your social media becomes simple with reels. Open an Instagram account, if you already have an account sign in and then go to your feed. Insta is one of the good digital content marketing platforms to work for any kind of business.

When you open the Instagram camera you have 3 choices in the bottom Live, Story, Reels. Selecting the reels option, the left side of the screen will have 4 controls to create the reel. Hold the record button to clip the video; you can even upload your video from your phone too. Review the recorded video if you need to trim that you can, even if you want to delete them you can do it. You can even add some stickers and emojis to your videos. If you are okay with video click the forward arrow button and add some caption for cover photo and then tap the button. So your reels are uploaded in the Insta.

When you open your Facebook account you will see the Insta stories at the top. It obvious that now at least 2 in 3 has a social media account, so reels are the best way to tell your real brand story on Social media.

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