8 Microsoft Ads Tips To Get You More Clicks

Microsoft Ads are the ads shown in the search results of Bing. It is a smart move to invest in Microsoft Advertising as it captures a large base of users which google can’t. Also, the CPC(Cost per Click) is comparatively lesser than Google. Although Microsoft Ads have this many advantages, it’s of no use unless we take advantage of the various tools and techniques. Here is a guide to 8 tips that will help achieve more online traffic for your business. 


While designing the ad, you should keep in mind that the end goal is not the number of clicks, but to turn those clicks into paying customers. So it is important to craft your ad headline using suitable words that would describe your product and grab the attention of your target market simultaneously. 


After ensuring the elements catch attention, the next step is to direct that attention to acting. A solid Call To Action(CTA) framework would make that task easy. As an encouragement for them to know more about you, you can include CTA buttons and site link extensions alongside your ads. Implementation of these tools can have a guaranteed positive impact on the conversion rate. 


An even more effective way to confirm more conversions is to flaunt your social proof. It is an ideal tool to generate further interest among the audience. You can communicate the endorsement of your product by including a review extension in your ads.  


 You only get limited ad space in a search engine, so use it smartly. Putting maximum effort into marketing your business online means communicating exactly why they should choose you over the others. Hence, clearly stating your offers will help you grab some attention. 


The most sought-after information about a product is its price. It is an important basis on which the product is evaluated by potential customers. Making use of the price extension feature can play a huge role in making the split-second decisions of the audiences favorable for you. 

      6. YOU’ INSTEAD OF ‘WE’

A clever tactic to instantly connect with your audience is to address them. Make your headlines talk to them instead of talking about your business. You can always count on this personal touch to make your ads more impactful. 


This method is specifically used by businesses targeting customers of a particular area. ZIP codes and mileage radius is used to identify such customers. This is a very effective technique to increase conversions with minimum cost. 


This is the most important element of any type of marketing. Knowledge of your target market’s age, gender, and background is the real power in this field. Designing ads that serve their demands is the key element of any ad’s success. 

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