‘Metaverse’ is a term that first appeared in 1992 as science fiction. Under Mark Zuckerberg’s supervision, Facebook was renamed into ‘Meta’ in order to signify their focus on developing a socially accessible metaverse. Metaverse is the new buzzword of 2022. So, what is this Metaverse?

Metaverse is the name given to a virtual world in which you can socialize, buy, sell and create. It is said to be ‘The Next Internet in the world. It has been proven many times that the emergence of new technology hugely impacts a vast variety of industries and services. Digital marketing is no different with the implementation of the metaverse, digital marketers would have to study the new technology, formulate marketing strategies and come up with other tactics to give the product maximum reach possible. There are differences as well as similarities between the metaverse and the real world. The concept of time is one similarity experienced in both these worlds. But the privacy of users can be highly compromised in the metaverse. The success of a digital marketer depends on navigating through the pros and cons and formulation of the most appropriate online marketing strategy.

The current channels of advertisement like social media, television, radio, SEO, etc., can be taken to the next level with the application of the metaverse. Virtual reality(VR) and augmented reality (AR) can become the new tools of gen-Z targeted advertising. The various tools offered by the virtual platform can make a noticeable difference in sales if it is appropriately utilized. In the metaverse, the core of your digital marketing strategy should be a noticeable digital presence. Just like in the real world, branding and positioning of the product should be achieved through the marketing strategy. Virtual sales occur when the users become aware of your product and services. Hence, it would be of utmost importance for a company to consult the best of the best digital marketers. Another unique feature seen in the metaverse is interactive graphic ads. Websites can be designed and developed to interact with customers and respond to their actions freely

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