List Of 5 Email Marketing Metrics Every Marketer Should Track

Email is one of the most effective marketing tools to do wonders in achieving the marketing goals you are handling effectively. It is crucial to consistently review the practices and make the necessary changes to have the right results. Marketing metrics are the factors that will allow you to measure the success of the email and identify the strategies to hold you back in the same strategy or change as per the requirements. You have to work on all the factors like email marketing templates to have the right results. Here are such metrics that you have to use to track. 

  • Open rate 

The open rate is the simplest email marketing KPI, and it is vital to understand how the subscribers will receive the messages. The open rate will help to track the number of subscribers who opened the email you sent. It is good to have an average open rate of 24%. If the campaign will open less than 24, you have to implement the other necessary strategies to value it. 

  • Click-through rate 

CTR is another standard metric that can help you determine how to tell that the campaigns will perform. The CTR is the measure of the number of people clicking on the links that you provide in the email. When you are crafting the email, there are a few ways to increase the click-through rate by implementing the strategies like email template design, sending the mail, etc. 

  • Conversion rate 

When the click-through rate measures the number of people who clicked the link, the conversion rate will assess how many people would click on the link and then complete its specific action. Here, the goal of email marketing can be achieved through several techniques like creative design.

  • Bounce rate 

When you are sending the email campaign, you want to track the bounce rate to measure the success. The bounce rate can be calculated as the number of the subscriber has not received the email. Soft bounces track temporary problems with the email address, and hard bounce tracks the permanent issues associated with the email address. Measuring the bounce rate against the open rate and optimizing the responsive email template will help achieve the email marketing strategy. 

  • Number of unsubscribes 

Measuring the unsubscribers is simple, and it is one of the factors to measure success. Any email providers will tell you how many people unsubscribe upon receiving the email. This email metric can usually be found in the main dashboard on the metric dashboard to learn about it. 


Thus, you have found the necessary metrics you have to consider for the best email marketing results. Ensure you follow it to have a successful email marketing campaign. 

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