Learn How to Build Links That Actually Work !

Quite simply, link building is the process of acquiring links from other websites to your own. For business owners and marketers looking to boost their sites’ authority and drive referral traffic, building links should be a top priority.

Why is it important to develop links? Despite the sophisticated, constantly changing Google algorithms, backlinks continue to be an important component of how search engines assess which sites rank for which keywords. Link building is an important component of SEO since it shows Google that your website is worthy of citation. Therefore, sites with more backlinks tend to rank higher.

Link building for your website can be done the right way and the wrong way. If you care about the long-term health of your site and business, engage in natural link building rather than purchasing or obtaining links through other means (which is known as black-hat SEO, a practice that can get your site essentially banned from search results).

Link building that is natural and organic, on the other hand, takes a lot of time. It is more difficult to obtain a high-quality link from a small or newly developed website than a link from an authoritative website, such as the Wall Street Journal.

Using this blog, you will learn how to create high-quality links that will improve your organic rankings while staying within Google’s guidelines.

Keep in mind that – A high organic search ranking is dependent on link building.

How Link Building Can Help SEO?

The importance of link building is obvious since it has a direct impact on how Google ranks web pages. As per Google:

A webmaster can generally improve site rankings by adding links from high-quality sites to their pages.”

Consider a scenario in which we offer wind turbine equipment on our website. One of our competitors is a manufacturer of wind turbine components. Link popularity is one of the ranking factors Google considers when determining our rankings.

This example provides a general idea of why link building is important, but it is somewhat simplistic. There are important details left out, such as:

  • The authority and trustworthiness of the linking pages.
  • Optimizing the SEO and content of the respective sites.
  • Anchor texts for inbound links.

You can learn more about how PageRank is calculated by reading these links:

  • Google’s original PageRank paper
  • A detailed analysis of the PageRank formula.
  • The Wikipedia article on the subject

According to Google, if you can get other websites to link to your pages, your content will rank higher for the keywords you’re targeting.

Easy Link Building Strategies: How to Make Other Sites Link to You

A variety of link-building marketing strategies can be employed to get external websites to link to yours:

Content Development and Promotion – Provide interesting, unique, and high-quality content that people will naturally want to refer to and connect with, and let others know about it. You have to spread the word before anyone can find your content and connect with it.

Keeps mentioning & Recommendations – Bloggers or people with a large social media following who are influential in your field can help you promote your product, service, or website.

Friends & Partners’ Links – People you know and people you work with can link to you. Relevance is key; links from sites in the same industry or niche as yours are more valuable than links from unrelated sites.

Link building takes time, but be patient, and remember that shortcuts like buying links can have detrimental effects on your search engine optimization services efforts. Avoid taking risks at all costs.

Creating internal links is a free way to build links

You can build more links to the pages you want to rank higher in search engines using a simple, underappreciated approach. This is a method over which you are completely in control:  internal links building.

When ranking a website, you must take into account the following factors:

Anchor Text – One of the most essential ranking factors is the wording a website uses to describe its content. In other words, if someone links to our Good Guys Wind Turbine Parts site with the text “wind turbine parts,” it helps us rank well for that keyword phrase, whereas if they only linked to us with the text “Good Guys LLC,” we wouldn’t get the same benefit for “wind turbine parts.”

The Linking Page’s Quality – The quality of the page that provides the link is also taken into account; search engines value links from trusted, high-quality pages and sites more than links from suspect pages and sites.

Page the Link is Aimed At — Whenever people reference your site, they frequently link to the home page. Due to their inability to develop their link equity, it is difficult for individual pages to get high rankings.

When trying to get other websites to link to our site, we have little control over any of these factors. All of these features are available to us when we link to our pages from our material. As a result, we can:

  • Choose the anchor text you want to use.
  • Choose the page you would like the anchor text to link to.
  • You must ensure that the content and quality of the linking page are both high (since it is our page).

Building links to your site from outside is critical, but focusing more on internal optimization will help you build inbound links with rich anchor text to relevant pages, giving you a free ranking boost.

Tools and Tips for Internal Link Building

What’s the secret to creating these amazing internal links? Creating an interlinking system for your pages is simple if you follow these steps:

Keyword Research for Link Building – The first thing you need to do is use a keyword research tool to get a list of relevant and popular keywords.

Assign Keywords to Content — Next, make sure your keywords are properly organized, resulting in search-friendly information architecture.

Link Pages Using Targeted Anchor Text – As a final step, you need to create intelligent interlinking using the keywords you found by connecting to materials that contain those keywords.

This third item must be executed well. Make sure you link to the correct sites using the correct anchor text. Here are a few simple tips on how to do so effectively:

Utilize your site’s search function

Simple and versatile, you can use this one for a wide range of purposes:

  • Identifying pages on your site that should be linked to a new page – In creating new content, make sure you search your site for references to similar keyword variations you may want to connect with.
  • Finding a page to link to that has already been built – Your website may have more than one content author. You may think a page about “wind turbine rotors” has been created, but have no idea what it is called or where it is located. Search engines such as Google, or your site’s own search box, can be used to discover related pages in this instance.

Build an internal SEO link building wireframe

You should map the terms you would like to target to the most logical sites. To make our choice, we have three options:

We’ll align the term “wind turbine rotors” with the turbine rotors page as it appears to be the best match for our “wind turbine rotors” keyword. In the same way, “wind turbine parts” and “wind turbine shafts” can be linked to their respective sites.

Here are the easiest and most effective ways to build links

  • Outreach Strategy
  • On the list, the most common are listed first. Through outreach, you’ll pitch your business and content to credible sites in your niche. To put it another way, you’ll need to compile a list of websites and contact each one individually.

    Please consider the following suggestions for them.

    • Introduce them to a product, a tool, or a service and ask them if they’d like to feature it on their website.
    • Ask them if they would like to repost your infographic if they find it useful.
    • Discuss the possibility of collaborating on social media campaigns (competitions).
    • Find out if you can interview them or record a podcast. Both of you will promote it through your channels when it’s done.
    • You can publish a free blog post.

    The last one, since everyone seems to be doing it, needs its heading, so let’s look at how to make it work.

  • Guest Blogging
  • Guest blogging involves writing articles and submitting them to other websites for publication. A link to your website should be included both in the author’s bio and in the body of the article. Make sure you include a brief bio with relevant information as well as a link to your website. According to the Google Search Operator article, you can locate certain keywords that will help you with the search.

    Consider taking advantage of them, for example.

    topic + intitle:”write for us”

    topic + intitle:”guest contribution”

    topic + intitle:”become a contributor”

    topic + intitle:”guest post guidelines”

    Take your time before getting too excited. Websites that request content receive a flood of emails every day.

    Pro Tip: Since most marketers already do this, pitch to sites that have something to do with you rather than sites looking for content.

    Take it one step at a time by sending two emails a week. There will be one successful pitch out of fifteen.

  • Utilize the Broken Link Building method
  • Replace broken links on external websites to improve your organic reach and search position. While this is a shortened version of the broken link-building process, it is still a three-step process.

    • Analyze a competitor’s website for broken backlinks using a tool like Ahrefs site explorer.
    • Create relevant content that can replace that particular backlink.
    • Please contact the specific webmasters to inform them of the broken link and see if they are willing to replace it.

    Ahrefs’ site explorer tool can find every hyperlink pointing to that broken link and return results. Make sure the pages you choose receive a lot of traffic and are relevant.

  • Become active on social media
  • Marketing has been revolutionized in this age of social media. Link-building can be facilitated through these networks. Therefore, it is important to become active on social media. You’ll be doing your brand/business a great disservice if you don’t.

    What’s the best way to get started on various social media platforms? By providing updates, postings, and other content through your social media platforms, you can achieve this.

    By using effective social media platforms, you can assist your fans in finding what they want to see. It goes a long way toward increasing participation. More people see the URL of your website. You will also be able to share your work with your admirers’ audiences. Your link profile grows dramatically when you become active on various social media networks.

  • The growing influence and leveraging influencers
  • In every industry, some players are major, and increasing your impact will encourage other websites to link to you.

    A smart infographic and relevant case study are useful resources in using this technique. Companies and brands must provide value to other members of their industry to cultivate influence. After a brand has established an authoritative or expert image among its community, it is more likely that people will cite or link to its content. These backlinks also tell Google that the source website is of high quality and should be indexed in search.

    Influencer marketing is another way to raise brand awareness. Your business can get fresh traffic, which can result in conversions and backlinks if you work with the right influencers. The key to making this strategy work is to build a relationship with the website’s webmaster and key decision-makers. However, the payoff often exceeds the effort.

    Consider contacting industry sites to see if you can contribute a guest post. A backlink is a way to share insight about your business or service while offering information about who wrote the article.

  • Asset linking strategy
  • An asset worth linking to is a linkable asset. You should consider this link-building strategy if you want to establish backlinks. On your website, for instance, you could publish some resources that are useful to your readers and other businesses:

    • Tools
    • Calculators
    • Infographics
    • Long-form, informative blog posts
    • Tutorials

    Technical SEO Website Audit, for example, is one of those useful posts that can help you gain backlinks. Make sure it is informative and useful. Keep in mind that you are writing for humans, not robots.

    You have finished writing your article, instructional, or infographic. Rather than pitching the content to other sites, you can use sponsored promotion, such as Facebook Ads or Google Ads.

  • Strategy for repurposing content
  • Assume that you have created several pieces of material, each of which has an infographic. For example, you can repurpose the same content and make a video out of it.

    In addition to creating an infographic titled “Best Link Building Strategies to Date,” you can create a video that includes the following:

    • Create an infographic by explaining the process
    • Explain the psychology of infographics and how they work 
    • Transform the infographic into a video using the same content.

  • Take advantage of existing mentions
  • Current mentions are an important aspect of link building since they allow you to maintain existing relationships.

    Identify websites that have previously mentioned your company, but do not have a link inserted into their content. With this method, you can get fresh relevant links without leaving your current resources.

    Check not just the names of brands and websites, but also high-profile personnel when looking for existing mentions. Instead of highlighting the company name, unique products or services are often highlighted. Search rankings may improve in 2022 by utilizing content that is currently hosted in the internet ecosystem.

  • Email Signatures
  • When an email is sent to another person or business, email signatures provide a chance for the sender to advertise and share a link.

    A well-crafted email signature can help drive traffic, generate leads, and develop trust by 2020, as 47% of marketers intend to send more emails. Provide social media connections as a means of providing many touchpoints from one location.

    Links are among the most effective ways to improve your search engine ranking in 2022. You can also rank higher by creating a Wikipedia page or getting links from scraped content. Top SEO agencies offer SEO link-building packages to help a variety of businesses improve their search engine rankings.  Find out how they can help small businesses and government agencies improve their search engine optimization by getting in touch.

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