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In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, staying up-to-date with the latest advancements and enhancements is essential for maximizing your online experience. This report delves into the recent updates unveiled by two tech giants, Instagram and Google, shedding light on their innovative features and the positive impact they bring to users.

6 New Features In The Latest Threads App Update From Instagram


Instagram’s Threads has introduced six new features in the latest app update. Users can now easily see all the Threads posts they’ve liked by accessing a specific option in settings. Added support for image alt-text and rel=me links for verifying accounts on platforms like Mastodon. The following are new features;

  • Send Threads Posts As Instagram Direct Messages
  • Keep Track Of Your Likes
  • Sort The List Of Accounts You Follow
  • Add ALT Text For Images
  •  Rel=me Support For Identity Verification 
  • A New Button For Mentions


The updates to Instagram’s Threads app reflect a strategic move to enhance user experience and offer more control over content. Read more


Google Search “From Publishers You Follow” Section

Google Search now has this section titled “From publishers you follow” in the search results. That is if the query returns content from a Google News publisher you actually follow. Read more


Google Images Now Shows Site Name, Favicon & Page Title

Google Images are now showing the site name, favicon, and below that, a second line, for the page title that image is sourced from. Previously, Google showed just the image, then Google tested the site name and favicon but now Google is showing it all. See more


In conclusion, these recent updates from Instagram’s Threads app and Google Search highlight the ongoing efforts to refine and optimize user experiences across various platforms. The introduction of new features and improvements demonstrates a commitment to user satisfaction, personalization, and accessibility. These updates showcase the dynamic nature of technology and its constant evolution to better serve users’ needs and preferences.

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