Know About the Upgraded Google My Business Profile Program

As any business owner including Local Business, the superpower you can own is to learn to control the online presence of your brand. And having a good online presence has a string of advantages linked to it and you already know. Google My Business is one prominent way with which you can have this superpower to your brand. It helps in Brand Building by linking your business to maps and searches ensuring your brand shows up on the most relevant searches. Google My Business is easy to start, handle and edit your information.

As everything ages, in these cases, upgrades, Google My Business will be now presented to us by an upgraded and better version by Google itself. Let us break down this new Upgraded Google My Business Profile Program for you.

The new badge is called the Google Guarantee and it is going to affect the local businesses for better and here is how.

$50 a month is the price the local businesses that aren’t already part of Google’s Local Service Ads (LSA) program are to get this badging. This is targeted to bring changes to organic searches giving it a good SEO Services share.

The program was previously limited to business paying Google Service Ads customers now gives an identifiable green badge where the real value of the program is with the leads. Now the businesses have to pay per direct sales lead, which is made possible by a boost in Google’s search rankings.

On the customers’ side, this is favourable because it protects them from fraud by offering to refund them if a service provider is illegal. Therefore the only difference of Google Guarantee and Google’s Local Service Ads program is that it’s Google’s first venture into putting their credit behind businesses that aren’t already part of their ad program.

The new upgrade program of Google My Business now called the Google Guarantee is the smarter version of the earlier one bagging more Local Business to them.

On giving small businesses a bit of what Google’s guarantee and a boost in ranking, the company will take even more because the amount is less and worthy with Google My Business this time. So more number of guaranteed business is equal to better searches and lessening the risk when making big financial decisions on the service providers.

On the whole, Google Guarantee seems quite interesting saving both consumers and businesses. We are definitely looking forward to this. Are you?

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