Have you ever wondered about ways to measure the success of your Google ads campaign? One of the facets which you can measure to evaluate your internet marketing strategies is ROAS(Return on ads spent). It is a metric which is used to measure the profit made by the ads compared to the cost incurred. Improvement in your ROAS is a sign that you are moving in the right direction. Now let’s take a look at some of the ways to improve your ROAS.

  • Target marketing

Segmenting the audience and catering your ads to the right audience helps you minimize cost as it contributes to an increased conversion rate. This approach is extremely helpful if you are making use of Google PPC or any other PPC agency.

  • A clever bidding strategy

Your budget is something you should be aware of while bidding. If you are aiming for a low-cost position, the third or fourth might suffice as it grants you a reasonably high position in the SERP while at a lower cost. What directly supplies your conversion rate is the relevancy and presentation of your ads. The highest spot in SERP might not always bring you the desired results.

  • Keyword optimization

Keywords are one of the basic ways to reach a potential customer. Along with positive ones, we should also use negative keywords to prevent unwanted clicks which can affect your cost. Using longer keywords helps you to cater your ads to a more specific type of audience. The keyword ‘women’s running shoes in place of just ‘shoes’ makes a huge difference.

  • Captivating landing page.

Landing page is a crucial point where your clicks are transformed into customers. We provide the best landing page design services as we understand how an easy-to-use and attractive landing page brings a positive impact on your conversion rate. Your landing page design makes the final decision between profit or loss.

  • Post-click experience

The post-click experience is something that requires constant tweaking and updating to keep the newer clicks hooked onto your products or services. It is done to ensure the success in captivating the younger generation. This constant improvement increases the conversion rate and thus reduces the cost and increases your ROAS.

  • Personalize the journey

Connecting to your audience is a great task to achieve. One way to make it easier is personalization of your ads and landing page. Catering the information relevant and useful to the audience should be the aim governing your campaign.

  • Customized campaigns

The degree of diversity among the internet audience is unparalleled. It is mandatory to customize your campaign moves to catch the eyes of your target market. Learning about your preferred customers helps you to formulate new ways to reach them and optimize your digital campaign.

ROAS is a great way to know your profit rate and boosting it helps in the growth of your overall results. Use the above tips to start improving your digital marketing campaign.

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