How Your Business Can Take Advantage of Facebook Shop Ads

Connecting people were and are still the motive of 16-year-old social media platform, Facebook. Facebook has been the connecting medium not only for people but has also been a pillar of strength for small businesses as well through Facebook Advertising. And during this pandemic, all the business had to, unfortunately, shift from their traditional type of marketing to Social Media Marketing. Facebook, did an excellent upgrade this time with Facebook Shops!

Facebook Shops is a lifesaver for small businesses, providing them with a platform where they can create a virtual space for their shop. You can list your products and services on your Facebook Shops page so that people can discover your business and go through the products and purchase them right away within a few clicks. The seller can customise their profile with different fonts and colours. Facebook Shop is just like a physical store where people can get customer support, delivery status and more by using Facebook messenger. With a call to action button attached to the products the user will get direct to the messenger and at the end, they can pay using different modes of payment made available by the sellers.

Now we will see how the businesses can take advantages of this cool new feature of Facebook which is absolutely free.

1. Product Catalogue

This is where you are going to put your products on sale. You can list title, price, images, description, availability, inventory and everything a customer would enquire to you on this catalogue so that it’s easily communicated with them this time, without actually asking.

2. Product Launching

Facebook already has an audience, so that you can simply launch a product and tag a few relevant ones to make it a hit. But in the case of e-commerce sites, they will have to use other platforms to launch products.

3. Loyalty Programs

Many brands like Starbucks proved that loyalty programs are a great way to gain potential customers. Make them do an activity to collect points which will keep the audience always stay connected to the brand ensuring future shopping.

4. Live Streaming

Influencers marketings are a great deal in Online Marketing Strategies now. Almost all brands on the internet are making their online presence with a help of at least an influencer. As part of this, while they are launching or promoting a product through going on live streaming, there is a feature where products can be tagged at the bottom of the live video.

These are only a few advantages of Facebook Shops. To know more and work on this more favourable to your brand, Beetle Branding Studio, the ultimate Social Media Management Agency is here. We can tune every possible Online Marketing Strategies to promote your brand!

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