How to Track Landing Page Conversions and Other Metrics?

The average landing page conversion rate is around 2.35%, and the top 10% of the websites will enjoy more than 11.45% of conversion in several cases. So, how do you measure landing page conversion and know the Best landing page design or other factors? You can find them through specific metrics. Here are such metrics to focus on. 

Conversion rate 

The conversion rate can be measured as the desired action the number of people could take on visiting the website. This action will differ from one site to the other. It can be sales of the product, membership registration, newsletter subscription, software download, etc. On average, the number would be 2.35. If this number goes down, you have to look for the specific elements responsible for the conversion rate. It is also based on PPC advertising, so ensure that you are adopting the right tactics. 

Bounce rate 

It denotes the number of visitors who end up on the landing page and immediately leave without any action on the website. Like several websites, your website also has a small window of opportunity to capture and gain the audience’s attention. Statistically, an average site will experience a 40.5% of bounce rate. When the number goes high, you have to take the right measure to make the people take action on the website. 

Average time on the page 

It is very common where the visitors will have interruptions when they are on the landing page. Traditionally, the business would look for visitors who will spend more time on the specific page on their official website. So, they also care for designing Responsive web page. It will usually mean that they will take time to read and absorb the site’s content. Landing pages are built to impart the information, and incorporating several fancy elements is the best way to make the audience stay on your website for a long time. Remember that these factors will also play a huge role in affecting the rate of conversion. 

Traffic source 

Knowing where the landing page traffic will come from is one of the critical factors in restricting the approach to appeal to move to the exemplary visitors. For instance, when you target on the wrong page, it will hurt the conversion. If your primary source is Social media ads, it will drive a lot of traffic for the landing page with a high bounce rate. It may be a wrong option as well. So, learn about the traffic source that offers great insight into what the visitors will be looking for. 

The bottom line 

Have you now got about the crucial metrics that you have to note down to design the right page? Ensure that you are careful about these factors to have a good SEO ranking for the website. 

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