How To Integrate Your PPC And SEO Strategies For Greater Success?

Digital marketing comprises different strategies, and to stay competitive; you should focus on the most valuable SEO campaigns. In contrast, SEO and PPC are very different modalities, the fact that they are two sides of the same coin, which is search engine marketing. It is important for you to integrate your PPC and SEO strategy. It brings new traffic to the website and drives more conversions. If you want to combine PPC and SEO to bring more conversion, opt for reliable internet marketing services. The professionals from the service make use of the simple concept for a wider reach. Here let us discuss the best ways to leverage your business. 

Use PPC Keyword Data for SEO

Now, digital marketers are widely using Google ads keyword planner as their must-have research tool. For the inactive advertisers, Google limits keyword planner data. It was unwelcome news for SEOs using the tool for effective content marketing strategies and keyword research efforts. Due to this, some marketers seek out alternative keyword research tools. However, PPC actively advertises through Google still and accessing the valuable keyword data to inform PPC efforts. Moreover, PPC teams determine which keywords convert searchers to customers. The information shared with SEO teams helps the companies amplify targeting user intent by optimizing product, landing, and vital pages that drive sales and meet users’ needs. 

Moreover, PPC marketing teams supply the keyword data to create content that targets prospects at different points in the buyer’s persona. It helps to elevate your brand in the SERPs. 

Share Insights 

When running a Paid Search campaign, PPC should have enough data to share. In this case, download your non-brand search terms to report and share with the SEO team. It’s a powerful way to share the non-brand keywords to leverage the two channels. It is better to use organic search to target the keyword. 

Organic Search Team

  1. Review the keyword, find out the relevant SEO strategy, and check that they are ranking for them. 
  2. If they are not ranking, access what pages to optimize and how to optimize the page.
  3. If the keyword is ranking, further optimize the page by updating the metadata and page copy.

PPC+SEO: Review Top Performing Ad Copy

In SEO, Meta descriptions are important ad copy for the search results, which uses the immediate performance insights from PPC ad copy tests. It builds better metadata and increases your CTR from search results. 

Measure Results

If you want to find out the changes that impact your strategy, it is important to measure the CTR and current keyword rankings (organic).


In the changing landscape, teams need to continuously share data and adjust to changes in the search landscape and customer behaviour. Opt for a reliable agency that works for your brand internally and externally. Thereby, you can extend your brand. 

Overall, the cross channel collaboration, especially paid and organic search create a lot of value. Integrate the PPC and SEO strategies and bring value to the table regardless of the situation. Collaborating with PPC and SEO strategies will improve your ROI.

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