Expert Tips on Avoiding Google Penalties

Google algorithms keep changing and most of the time the organic search ranking gets negatively affected. This impact is called a google penalty. Anything that directly violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines can give you a penalty against your website. The two main types of penalties are;

  • Algorithm-based, which is automatic
  • Manual, which is an intentional penalization for “black hat” actions.

1. Google Panda Penalty

This Panda update came into existence in February 2011 and by early 2016 got big and became part of Google’s core algorithm. This update was to ensure that only good quality content goes to the top of search results. According to Panda if your website provides low-quality content, it will be hard for your web pages to rank.

Avoid the Panda penalty by providing original content that [eases your readers. Fatten up your content, get rid of duplicate pages and make sure only good quality content goes online are the ways to keep the Panda fed and happy.

2. Google Penguin Penalty

The Google Penguin update was to demolish webspam by detecting link spam. Google detects too many unnatural looking links in a site’s backlink profile as manipulation to rank well in search. It now operates in real-time as part of Google’s core ranking algorithm.

Regular monitoring and cleaning up your backlinks are the only solutions to save your website from the Google Penguin penalty.

3. Intrusive Interstitial Penalty

The intrusive interstitial penalty was launched in January 2017 only affects mobile search results. Sites that show intrusive ads, popups or standalone interstitial to a mobile user after clicking mobile search results are considered for this kind of penalty. Sites that block searchers from seeing the content are removed by this algorithm. But certain types of interstitials aren’t penalized, such as login forms and legally necessary gates.

The only way out is by providing your mobile searchers with a good user experience and also prevent ads and popups that block too much screen right after a searcher comes into view.

4. Manual Penalties

Manual penalties are not something that should be taken lightly because they can get you kicked out of the index. You will have to resolve the issues sooner rather than later. After you clean up your site, submit a reconsideration request. Google will examine your site again and, if it looks good, you’ll be released from the penalty.

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