Benefits Of Website Hosting On Dedicated Servers

Are you the one searching for the best application hosting? Well, choosing the best dedicated server is challenging itself. But before that, it is very important to know why it is a dedicated web server you want to choose? Selecting a dedicated web server can offer you a list of advantages and is the perfect and the most essential one for the growth of your business. A company whose goal is to offer a good service and stay longer will definitely choose the service provider offering dedicated server hosting. This is because the server is built and is maintained by the provider itself. This cut down the cost of buying your server.

This page will explain to you about what dedicated servers are comparing with the other types of hosting. Also, you will get to know the reasons why you need a dedicated server.

What is dedicated server hosting?

Dedicated hosting is one of the types of hosting services. In this, the server is devoted to a single customer or just for a single purpose. These are reserved for the use of the business that hires the server. The organisation that chooses the dedicated servers will have complete control over the server and also can choose different components such as hardware and the operating system.

When it is website hosting, there is a wide range of options. The most common options that people choose is shared hosting in which single server resources are shared by several different websites. A company looking for more power and control will need to choose dedicated hosting. With dedicated hosting, the client can use the server resources and can eliminate the upfront cost of purchasing their own. Even if you opt for dedicated server hosting, it is very much important for you to do your research before you are choosing a plan. 

Benefits of choosing dedicated server hosting 

With dedicated server hosting your business will realize a good return on its monthly investment in the ways listed below.

Exclusive use of dedicated resources

If you have your dedicated server then you get the complete web server for your use. This becomes a significant advantage when comparing to the other types of hosting.

With this, you can have complete access to all the CPU or Ram and bandwidth. This helps a lot in your business growth. You will get root access to the web server. With this, you can add your software and customize the setting and even access the server logs. This is one of the key advantages of dedicated server hosting.

With dedicated server hosting, you can implement special server security measures. You can also use a different operating system from your provider. In short this is very flexible, scalable and is responsive.

Unique IP address

Each server will have an IP address. With the shared hosting, you will have to share an IP address with multiple other websites. If one of your neighbour’s sites is spam or an adult site then your website’s rank can ultimately come down.

If you have a dedicated server you can own a unique IP address and this is important if you are working on a large e-commerce site.


A dedicated server can accommodate itself as per your business needs. You can even decide on your server configuration with this. It will help your business to grow and as it grows you will be able to modify the existing applications and services. With this, you remain more flexible when new opportunities or unexpected things arise.

The dedicated server is all you need if you require more processing, storage, or backup. These days the visitors or customers have high expectations for everything. They will need the convenience of quick access. In such cases choosing the dedicated server for your customers is the best choice as it comes with fast page loading and a better user experience.

Improved reliability and performance

One of the main benefits that you get from a dedicated server is reliability and peak performance. Therefore it becomes a powerful solution for businesses. Even if it costs high than shared hosting, you get high power, storage, and bandwidth that helps so much to host your business.

Higher level of Security

The infrastructure of the server consists of firewalls and security monitoring. With this, the dedicated servers provide access only to your company. Implementing your own higher levels of security is possible with dedicated servers. You can even install the applications which include new layers of security and access control on the server. All this adds a level of protection for your visitor. With these dedicated servers you can safeguard your customer and the business data.

Fast customization and scalability

Dedicated servers can be quickly configured. This includes the right combination of processing power and storage to meet the specific needs. The servers can be customized in different ways along with the exact hardware that suits your requirements. The computing needs can be changed over time and for this, the dedicated server will offer flexibility.

When you have to opt for the dedicated server?

Now you would have come across some benefits of dedicated server hosting. Here are certain points that will tell you about the right time to opt for a dedicated server.

VPS, one of the types of hosting provides the same features of a dedicated server at a lesser price. But in certain cases, it is good to go with the dedicated servers rather than choosing VPS.

For instance, consider your site is receiving more traffic and if the numbers are higher than usual, it is time for you to upgrade your current plan. The options for you would be VPS, cloud hosting and dedicated hosting. All these three offer large bandwidth and fast page loading features. But with dedicated hosting, you have absolute control and security. If budget is not your primary concern, you can go with the dedicated server.

The bottom lines

A dedicated server comes with huge advantages compared to the other types of hosting. If you are struggling to keep up with the increase in traffic and time, it is good to go with the dedicated server. This can not only improve the performance of your site but can also enhance your page loading times and provides high-level security.

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