A Step-by-Step Guide to Twitter Advertising

The blue tweeting bird is no stranger bird for us. The Twitter bird has been ruling the internet with hundreds of million tweets every day prominently doing Social Media Marketing. With a constantly changing algorithm and these millions of tweets, chances are high that your brand’s online presents will neer become a thing. That is when twitter ads come to the rescue of Online Branding.

Let us see how this works;

  • Start with setting up your Twitter ads account

To set up a Twitter ads account is easy even for someone who hasn’t used Twitter ads yet. First, you have to log in to your twitter account and go to Then you have to enter your country and the time zone and you are there! With this, you get access to Twitter Ads Manager and its many features, like tracking your advertising campaigns and analyzing metrics.

  • Pick your advertising objective

Campaign Objective

You must be very sure of what you want from the twitter ads. Set your objectives and choose appropriate types of twitter ads type and actions to get the expected results.

  • Target your Audience

Target Your Audience

Choose the right audience with the targeting options and will help you maximise your budget. Start with demographic targeting, defining your audience by gender, age, location, language, and technology. The ‘Audience features’ section will help you target your ad to users based on specific interests like events, interests, and behaviours, and even specific keywords, etc.

  • Choose Ad placement

Ad Placement

You can easily choose where you want to place your ad on twitter. Then click next and move on.

  • Launch your brand’s campaign

It is time you review your ads and launch them off!

Now let’s get into tips that can get your brand campaigns to work for sure.

    1. Convey clearly, what your brand is about so that people can identify and follow
    2. Write appropriate and engaging copy.
    3. Try to add a call to action.
    4. If you are running a sale, do not miss to add the percentage.
    5. Make sure you are using high-quality images for your ads.
    6. Pay attention to promoting big events.
    7. Keep the process with better analyzing, testing, and more testing.
    8. Along with paid ads, do not forget to keep an eye on organic tweets as well.

Twitter ads are one of the most common and easiest ways to communicate with your people. Start now!

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