7 Surefire Ways To Turn Instagram Followers Into Customers

Instagram is more than just a way to stay in touch; it’s also a fantastic digital content marketing tool for generating and converting online leads. Brands have already established an online presence, but even the biggest Instagram followers need to be nurtured if they are to boost profits.

More than 30% of Instagram users have purchased after seeing an Instagram advertisement or post. The 1.2 billion active Instagram users worldwide are your ticket to generating leads, increasing sales, and increasing brand visibility.

Let’s take a look at 7 super tips that will help you boost your Instagram ads conversions.

  • Boost your productivity
  • When it comes to converting followers into customers, increase your productivity. Spend a few minutes each day on social media marketing. Your brand must be regularly exposed to people if you wish to get noticed. Create a social media presence for your followers. In the case of posting too many updates on multiple networks, use an automated social marketing tool.

  • Know your Target Audience
  • If you don’t know who you’re trying to attract, you’ll have a difficult time attracting customers, right? The first step to building lasting relationships with customers is to understand their profiles. According to 79 % of customers, brands that follow their habits are more committed.

    What is the best way to develop your buyer persona? It’s not rocket science, since you have to determine your target audiences:

    • Demographic information
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Interests
    • Problems

    Personas can be useful in many ways, but the most important are the following:

    • You can’t target and create quality content by eliminating negative personas.
    • A tailored approach to distributing content, based on buyer personas.
    • Recognizing your audience’s pain points and solving them as efficiently as possible.

    Your Instagram followers can be converted into customers over time by creating and distributing content according to your buyer persona.

  • Keep track of your competitors
  • Social media analytics can be useful here as well. Determine where your competitors outperform you by analysing their posts. You can identify the ‘audience’ that converts by monitoring what your competitors do following their post-performance.

    The lookalike feature on Facebook enables you to create an audience that is like your own. Let’s examine this more closely.

    Providing audience information and demographics, as well as identifying other common interests, is one benefit of this feature. Finally, we create an audience based on their similarity to them. The likelihood of conversion increases significantly.

  • Tempt your followers
  • A person can be influenced by not trying too hard.

    The trick to becoming a loyal customer is to convince your audience without begging for their loyalty. Using social media, tell stories about experiences that will entice people to make a purchase. Providing your followers with a positive experience while engaging with your products/services requires you to be very innovative. Once they feel connected to you, you will be in a strong position for conversions.

  • Plan your campaigns and set goals
  • Creating targeted campaigns and experimenting with new functionalities are possible for brands. Two options are available. If you want to increase sales, you need to increase brand awareness and give sales a second lead. Another option is to focus on increasing sales. Both approaches are valid. In both cases, results should be measured, such as how many visitors your marketing campaigns drive back to your website.

    Establish your social media marketing goals with the assistance of an Instagram agency(if required), plan your strategy, and start using the key social networks.

  • Make your followers and fans feel special
  • Ultimately, it’s about them. You owe them for their support and sales growth, so now it is time to reward them.

    Mention only that ‘one’ follower. Too many fans being acknowledged at once takes away the charm of making one person feel special. By fulfilling their requests, you can make your followers feel valued. Encourage fans to interact with your posts by creating a poll.

  • How loyal are you to your fans?
  • We anticipate that loyal followers and fans will also turn into loyal customers. This is not always the case.

    The reason is that, as a brand, we also need to prove that we are loyal to our customers. Always follow through with your promises, whether it’s launching a new product on a certain date, offering discounts or coupons. By being consistent and caring, you will earn their trust.

    Posting high-quality content is the best thing you can do for your fans and followers. Creating quality content is the key to Instagram success for any brand. Make a plan for what to post and when, as previously discussed. Give your followers the impression that you only post for them.

    Wrapping up

    The truth is that brands need to boost their efforts and focus more on conversions since this is the ‘true’ goal of their Instagram campaigns. You can make irresistible offers, share stories, and encourage fans to get involved in your conversation by planning your marketing strategies. If they feel connected to your brand, they will readily become customers and refer you to their family and friends.

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