5 Reasons Why Your Keyword Ranking Drops

Are your websites dropping overnight? You might be frightened and have no idea of why it has occurred. Many reasons cause a dramatic Google ranking drop: an algorithm update, content changes, technical issues, competitor’s improvement, Google penalty, and more. If you notice a sudden drop in your ranking, work your way and find the reason for the drop in keyword ranking. But it is advisable to get assistance from the top rated SEO Company. Here, let us look at 5 reasons for your keyword ranking drops to diagnose the issues quickly and recover your rankings.

1. Tracking the wrong rankings

If your website has been online for many years, know that your keywords may not be relevant to the updated trends. Think search behaviour and compare the keywords in your search console data. It is advisable not to use the industry terminology, and your customers won’t know about it.

Everyone searches in different variations to find the answers. Today, it is made easy as the Engineers at Google have improved natural language ability to understand. People find results easier as they think. But, if you are using the old keywords, you are on the wrong path, and it does not improve your rankings. Stay with the trend and update your strategy to avoid keyword ranking drops.

2. Manual Actions

If there is a significant drop in your website ranking, it indicates that Google is penalizing your website. When you experience the issue, you need to fix the problems and ensure the penalty. The best way is to look at notifications from your Google Search Console account. Look at the warning and take the appropriate measures to stay relevant with the Google guideline.

3. Algorithm Changes

Google is always looking forward to improving strategies by making algorithm changes. Many sites suffered from these changes, and their ranking dropped. If you want to stay updated with the algorithm changes, it is best to use a reliable SEO digital marketing agency. The professional helps you to stick with the changes and improve your website rankings. 

4. Competitor Improvements

Even if you are doing everything right and still lose traffic. The main reason is that your competitor is doing a better job than you. If you want to stay apart of your competitor:

Analyze and monitor your competitor’s social media activity, content marketing and link building strategies.

Utilize the best SEO strategy with the help of the digital marketing agency and work together to improve your rankings.

Make some appropriate changes and outrank your competitors. 

5. Technical errors

Technical issues on your website, like incorrect redirects, server crashes, page duplicates, etc., are the reasons for a ranking downturn, but the good thing is that you can control and fix these issues. Probably 1-day drop will result in a customer look, so take time to correct the technical errors.

In short, the above is the probable reason for your ranking drops. As you are not an expert, you cannot figure out the issue. In order to prevent the effect and improve your ranking, it is best to hire the best digital marketing company.

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