How to Evaluate and How to Improve Page Load Speed of your Website

For people to at least see your website, it should at least load. A slow-loading website has no chance of getting people’s attention because people tend to quickly go back to the search engine page if it takes too much time to load. And website optimization is also necessary for the speed of the website. You need to learn how the metrics work to know how to improve the page load speed. To reduce bounce rates and increase visitor engagement it essential that your pages load quickly.

Measuring Page Speed

Before you do any changes to your website and conduct Website Optimization, you’ll need to know whether your site loads faster or not. There are many tools available, but you can start with Google Pagespeed Insights tool. With this tool, you can measure your website speed for both desktop and mobile devices. Moreover, a google supporting tool will help you reach the benchmarks for becoming a high ranking page.

Now let us study the ways in which you can improve the loading speed of the page.

Choose a performance optimised hosting solution

Your hosting provider becomes a great deal when it comes to your website performance. Often people tend to get cheap hosting providers and end up with slow loading sites. There are some of the performance-focused hosting solutions you can use that provide a powerful platform specially designed for speed. The thing with these providers is that they don’t offer shared hosting, that means they are not sharing with other websites. You can have all of the benefits alone, without interruption.

Compress and Optimise Images

Images enhance the appearance of your website but if they are heavy they affect the performance of your website. When the size of the spectacular images you have put up on your website is huge, they go unnoticed as your website never gets loaded fully to make those images appear in front of the users.

Eliminate Unnecessary Plugins

Not all plugins are created equally. Therefore you need to sort the plugins too and check if they are really necessary and enhance the performance of your site. Try testing them individually to find out if they actually slow down your website.

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